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Bulk flowers are always an excellent option, and especially make sense for: 

Budget-conscious brides/grooms

Event hosts seeking custom DIY touches 


Floral design practice + experimentation

Anyone who enjoys fresh flowers throughout their home


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We harvest and condition each bucket of blooms so you can focus your creative energy on designing the perfect bouquets or arrangements to suit your needs. One 9-quart bucket makes approximately three bridesmaid bouquets or quart-style vase arrangements

*Due to the nature of nature, we cannot guarantee any specific flower varieties

bucket packages

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A flattering selection of the most in-season blooms and foliage currently available on-farm. Farmstead Choice is the most budget-friendly choice, as this package maximizes whatever is currently blooming in our fields. This is an ever-changing palette of bright colors, shapes, and textures 


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A coordinating selection of the most in-season blooms and foliage currently available on the farm in your choice of hues – (1) bright, (2) deeply saturated, (3) muted + blushed. Farmstead Hues assures that you receive a color palette befitting your specific needs


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Experience the luxury of custom-grown flowers for your special event. A portion of our fields are dedicated to cultivating a curated collection of flowers specifically for you. We work closely with each client before the growing season to help clarify their vision, including color palette selection, style and variety preferences, and overall scope of their floral needs, and to set realistic expectations, including what blooms are typically available during the time of their event*

    Currently accepting inquiries for 2023 and 2024 field reservations. Must book reservation at least one year in advance of scheduled event date. Available July-September


Hosting an event at your home or business and want to offer your guests the opportunity to create their own bouquets? A self-serve bouquet bar will be the most talked about event experience of the season!

Let us help you customize your bucket order to include supplies for wrapping your own bouquets, or invite us to your event to lead a beginner bouquet design workshop

Bouquet Bars are perfect for:





For more information, or to book a bar date, email us


boquet bar
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